What people just like you had to say about what their cultural heritages meant to them!

Distant Beginnings, Inc is here to let the world know that you and your history are important. America is not a nation of individuals but a nation of families and their stories. History is the recording, acknowledgement, and teaching of the many stories that have all contributed to make the present a reality. History can be used as a tool to build unity and expand the realm of public knowledge or it can be used as a weapon of degradation of a people and their ethnic heritage. Distant Beginnings, Inc is here to say “your history is as important as anyone else’s. Your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents matter as much as anyone else’s.”


Hear the testomonies of some of those that have volunteered to voice what their heritage means to them. While reading these personal testomonies, please consider what your heritage means to you.



"Learning about my history is very important to me because it means learning about my ancestors. Many of our ancestors have made sacrifices and discoveries that have improved our lives today. It is important to learn these things and to learn from mistakes that have been made in order to be better and not repeat those mistakes. My heritage motivates me to never give up and shows me that anything is possible. I am encouraged to help those in difficult situations all over the world and leave the world in a better place than it was before I was here. I truly believe this is my way of honoring God and my courageous ancestors." 


“My history means my present, past and future. That energy connecting between generations of ancestors that have lived and passed all over the world. Each generation collecting more and more knowledge, which I believe is passed down. That godly connective energy is what runs through my veins and will also run through my child's veins all of the way until I pass, she and her children, until the end of time.” 



"My heritage to me means my legacy. It is what has been gifted to me through my ancestry. It is not just tangibles that have been acquired, such as land, wealth, or heirlooms, but it is also intangibles, such as undeniably unique features, knowledge of my lineage, and faith. My heritage is what gives me confidence to achieve greatness."

"Heritage, to me, is a vast collection of traits, traditions, and characteristics that cultivate and underline where I truly come from and who I really am as an individual. It's an inescapable inner force that prescribes me to be everything I can be, and it is apparent in my daily walk. Heritage allows everyone to be unique, yet able to understand and relate to each other much easier. It provides the entire populous with a sense of community throughout. To abandon it or simply choose not to embrace it, would be to trim off the very source that makes us whole. To not have knowledge of it is to lack a true foundation."

“In the words of George Santayana, "Those who are unaware of history are destined to repeat it." Heritage is history. It is very important for me to know my heritage as it gives purpose to my future.  It is the unique knowledge, values, and traditions developed by my family over time.  These ideals have been passed down to me and will continue to be passed down for generations to come. It gives us a chance to assess the past, acknowledge and correct mistakes, celebrate victories, and be better in the future by the grace of God.”

"A people's relationship to their heritage is the same as the relationship of a child to its mother". John Henrik Clarke

"I cannot imagine life without my mother. Likewise I cannot imagine my life without the full knowledge of who and why I am. Heritage and culture are equally important and foundational to all else that I seek to do and be. I embrace strongly that portion of my heritage that nurtured, fed and taught me to be loving, kind and moral.  I'm still reaching after knowledge of that part of my heritage that absent itself from me and my family for whatever purpose was deemed the right thing to do."

“Heritage to me serves as sort of an encyclopedic caption to a person's background and makeup. It has a direct correlation to a person’s family history. History is important because understanding a person's or family's past can help them have a better understanding of themselves. We know through genetics, that people tend to carry with them the same traits as their ancestors. And with that knowledge we can better understand what inspires and motivates us to do great things going forward. I am very interested in my own heritage and yet know so little about it.”

Marc Millman Photography


"Knowing my heritage is important not only to me, but to the lineage that comes after me. To not know where you come from can be detrimental to where you are going. The opportunity to know helps you understand who you can be and cuts down on the confusion some have with different gifts they possess!"

"My heritage is the inheritance my ancestors left for me. It is the foundation on which my life is built. It is the cornerstone of wisdom my ancestors left for me as I continue to travel on my journey of self-awareness and discovery. It is through the lens of my heritage that I can better understand my sociopolitical status in our nation's polity. With that knowledge, I can navigate through life more efficiently by making choices that are advantageous to my overall quality of life." - Founder of Distant Beginnings, Inc.

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