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On this page, we will keep you updated on any upcoming events we may have planned and programs we support!  Please come out and show your support and let's move the dialogue forward. Thank you and see you there.

Dialogue on Race


The Dialogue on Race Louisiana (DORLA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to dismantling institutional racism
through education, transformation and action.  DORLA conducts multi-session, weekly series (Original and Advanced) that lead diverse groups of up to fifteen community members through a structured conversation, on the history and impact of institutional racism. Facilitated by bi-racial teams, the series provides participants a safe, open and honest dialogue around race—leading to greater understanding and positive action.

"The Talk: Race in America" A Screening & Dialogue Event

Hosted by Moms of Black Boys United, Inc., Progressive Social Network of Baton Rouge, Love Alive Church and BREC.

The founder of Distant Beginnings, Inc. will be a panelist at this event.


July 8, 2017 from 10am to 1pm

An Evening of Exploration and Love-Motivated Truth

This evening will serve as a means of introducing Distant Beginnings, Inc. to the community and to garner public support. We believe in the importance of a unified community in order to overcome the systemic, economic, and individualistic oppressions of racism. In addition to informing you on how we plan to achieve this goal through community involved efforts, we are also interested in hearing from you, the community, about ideas of unification. We are desirous of attracting those who also desire to move to a new era of understanding in regards to the social construct of race. With this new understanding, we will actively work to eliminate barriers created as a result of the social construct of race in order to usher in a society that recognizes all human beings, regardless of geographical location, creed, color, and unique background. We ask that attendees come with an open mind and heart. Please be our guest.

*Any program or event mentioned is not an endorsement of the host organization for Distant Beginnings, Inc. or vice versa. Distant Beginnings, Inc. is not liable for any programs or events not hosted by our organization.

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