Making the Vision a Reality

Grassroots Organization

Any thing that is not growing is dead and if our vision is to have any life it must be supported by those that believe in its importance. Please support our cause by donating.
We are asking that people give $10/month in recurring donations to make the dream a reality. We believe that if our organization is to accomplish what we set our hearts on doing, we will have to garner the support of those who share our values rooted in love and respect. The reasons our target individual donation is just $10/month are because we want people to make donations that will not be burdensome and our goal is to garner broad support from across the nation.


Distant Beginnings is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible nonprofit.


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Seed Money to Move Out of the Foundation Stage

We are in the foundation stages of our organization due to a lack of finanicial support. 

There exists a great disparity in the grant funding awarded to minority-led nonprofits by 

philanthropists. Please read one of many publications by the Greenlining Institute

highlighting this issue. Our ability to implement our initiatives will be limited without

your support. We appreciate any donation you can make. Evil can only prevail when 

good people do nothing. Light up the darkness. We've created a GoFundMe account

to raise the seed money needed to move our organization forward. Please support

our campaign.

Amazon Smile

If you are a frequent Amazon shopper, you can now support our organization with your purchases through the Amazon Smile program!

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