Dissecting Racism

Pulling the Race Card

Racism is a carefully constructed and complex system created to control and divide people. Race-based prejudices build strongholds on the mind through psychological manipulation, and it manifests through tightly held cognitive distortions (or biases) resulting in stereotypes. Race is a social construct. Skillfully crafted, its foundation stands on quicksand and requires the consistent indoctrination of falsehoods to maintain divisive, fear-rooted ideologies. Our institutions have become cathedrals of disinformation. To be misinformed is to be ignorant, but to be disinformed is to be purposely told a lie. We seek to protect people from poisonous disinformation by inoculation of love-rooted truth.

Freedom is mental and physical. And while the end of the 19th Century represented an era of physical liberation, the 20th Century witnessed legal liberation via the Civil Rights Movement. Today, the battlefield is in the mind. We must achieve our mental liberation or remain enslaved to ignorance and fear.

Harry Turner, SAP, LCSW

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