"Moving Individuals from the Passenger's Seat to the Driver's Seat of Their Destiny"

To ignite a movement of cultural understanding that promotes diversity and ends institutionalized racism and oppression

Our Mission Statement

Our Vision 


Through education, humanitarianism, and empathy, we are empowering and inspiring individuals around the country to become leaders in combating social and economic inequality

Our Values

Members of our organization embrace a belief in cultural competency and social diversity and inclusion regardless of creed, ethnicity, spiritual belief, and socioeconomic status. We operate with an understanding that self-knowledge is the starting point on the journey to understanding and empathizing with others. We believe that when others embrace the same, the hate-filled well of inequality, fueled by indifference and hedonistic greed, will become empty allowing those seeds of hate to be overtaken by the seeds and flowers of love. We believe that in order for this to come to fruition, our actions must reflect this so that we indirectly encourage others to do the same. Always remembering the dignity and worth of human beings, we dedicate our lives to the service of our fellow man and woman because there is no higher cause than service rendered because of and guided by love.

Distant Beginnings Inc. exists to promote equality and unity across the globe by increasing cultural awareness through exploration of cultural heritage, humanitarianism, and spirituality. We do this by first introducing the individual to themselves. With philosophies rooted in love, our purpose is to provide an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance that will enrich the lives of those who are in relationship with our organization. We respect and appreciate the uniqueness of people, without regard to their various backgrounds. It is our belief that respect for diversity will only make our country richer. With this in mind, we seek to be a meeting place where all ethnicities that exists within the boundaries of our country can learn from and about one another through understanding each others' cultures.


The Unplugged History Program

One of the methods we will use to accomplish our mission will be the setting up of programs to educate the various ethnic minorities that make up America on their ancestral heritages. The goal is to set up a 6 week history focused educational program. The program will allow participants to, not only learn about their culture and history, but also afford them the opportunity to be fully immersed in their culture by traveling to a historically significant part of the world. Participants that already have a solid foundation on their ancestral heritages are also encouraged to explore programs outside of their heritages to learn of other people's cultures. We believe this will create the bridge of understanding that is needed to truly accept and respect all people's, regardless of ethnicity and cultural heritage. While our plan is to begin with ethnic minorities, as we expand and grow, we hope to eventually have the capacity to extend these programs to the dominant ethnic groups in America. It is important that all people are knowledgeable of the past cultural ingredients that has become an integral part of who they are now, whether it is acknowledged or not.


Step 1:  Find participants interested in the exploration of their heritages or are interested in learning about other cultural heritages


Step 2:  Interview and enroll participants in a 4-6 week history course based on their cultural heritage of choice 

Step 3:  Participants will travel to a historically significant part of the world where they will be completely immersed in the culture specific program chosen, if feasible. Safety of our program participants must be a primary concern when traveling abroad. If we believe the international climate is presenting an unusally high risk for participants to travel abroad, other options will be considered.


Step 4:  Have those that complete the program engage their communities and volunteer to participate in events that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of America



Step 5:  Ask program participants to spread the word about what the program has done for them

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