Our Perspective


Diversity has always shown itself to be a beautiful and rewarding principle when embraced and implemented into daily choices. Diversity aids in ushering in a new wave of understanding and thought. It is through exposure to experiences, people, things, and concepts that are uniquely different from what we know, that we truly allow ourselves to grow mentally and spiritually.

Cultural Competency

We seek to usher in a new age of cultural competency, which encourages us to truly look inside and examine our own personal beliefs and the impact it has on others. Understanding each other's cultures is the bridge that will unite us all by viewing each other as equals. We are an organization founded in love-rooted truth that recognizes the dignity and worth of human beings. We are unapologetically true to our values.

Solution Focused

We seek to be a remedy to ignorance and ethnocentrism which is at the heart of most 'isms that cause divisions, be it racism, sexism, hedonism, classism, and the like. We believe that the reconnecting of people with their cultural heritages and exposing them to others will be the seeds for self-awareness that spring forth the flowers of acceptance.

Distant Beginnings, Inc. is a Story of Inspiration

Our organization is here to be a light in the darkness. To learn about the inception of our organizaition, click below.

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